I’m Kadia Francis and Freelancerja is my brainchild, it was created to offer individuals, small/medium sized businesses the quality extra help they need to optimize and grow.

There is a saying in Jamaica that goes tun yuh han mek fashan (turn your hands to make fashion) it means to make use of your talent(s) turning them into something productive. It’s a similar message to when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Both are affirmations in that they encourage you to never give up on yourself, that you always have something to offer that you already have what is necessary to win. This is really what motivates me to carry on even in the face of tremendous difficulties and setbacks and a constant battle with depression and anxiety.

Freelancerja is me taking my natural talents, the skills I have developed in my professional life and my legal training and turning them into something purposeful.

With that, welcome, come in, have a look around and let’s talk.

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