Welcome to Freelancerja, thank you so much for dropping in and checking out my page…Let me give you a little background as to who I am and what I do.

I am a 32-year-old legal professional by training and a free-spirited writer by nature. My passion is to write and by that I mean I will write anything blog posts, articles, reviews, opinion pieces, cover letters, resumes name I’ll write (or draft) it. I’ll even draft technical documents such as contracts and other essential legal paperwork. This is something I have been doing on and off for small law firms, attorneys,  friends and one or two colleagues with pretty amazing results if I may say so myself.

I am also very good at providing quality administrative, customer service and events management support. These skills I developed over the last eight (8) years working with high-level professionals from attorneys to government ministers. Fun fact in a past life I was responsible for managing the communications planning and event coordinating for an entire constituency.

I have recently discovered the world of content writing and virtual assistance and am fascinated by it. In fact, I think legal training has prepared me well because if it’s one thing law school teaches you how to do is to problem solve, manage your time and organize. Critical thinking, a keen eye, and attention to details are pretty important skills when preparing legal papers or making a presentation. Another bonus is that it forces you to develop your researching, editing, proofing and transcribing skills.

So I figure well having spent a gazillion dollars developing all those skills might as well use them to develop myself professionally, and not just in the legal field but for any individual or business that may need those kinds of services. Across all industries, those skills are very valuable especially in the internet and social media age. For some new and small businesses, a part of establishing yourself in a particular market necessarily means having social media presence. Even well-established companies in order to remain relevant nowadays must take that step.

Well, how can I help you? What do you want? Is it online business support: customer service/admin support OR writing services as stated above? I have the skills and the tools to help you accomplish all your business support and writing goals. So, If you like what you’ve read and feel you could benefit from my services get in touch, let me know how I can help.