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The Pechon Street Lady

So I was heading downtown today and saw this piece of street art at the stoplights on Pechon Street, Kingston…I just had to stop and take a pic so you guys can see the talent that is ย Jamaican street artistry. I am just sad the artist didn’t tag this beautiful piece of work. If anyone knows who he or she is I would appreciate the tag.

I am going to start doing this more often, there is just so much talent here yet to be discovered and revered.

In this one piece, this artist was able to capture many of the cultural aspects of Jamaican life. From the ackee (our national dish is ackee and saltfish) garland around her head to the dominoes and music box (what we call sounbax) on top of her head which pays homage to two of the greatest past times to the rasta beads around her neck and the dreadlocked hairstyle to the bananas which we have here in abundance.

This reminds me of that Harry Belafonte song ‘Day-O’… ‘Day yo mi seh day o, daylight come an mi wah go home…come missa tally man tally mi banana daylight come an mi wah go home’.