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What is Content Writing? And Why Do You Need It.

So on my business card and on all my platforms, it states that I offer content writing services and almost always I get the question … What exactly is content writing?

For those unfamiliar with some of the behind the scenes of webbing the two words don’t even go together. But, if you have ever browsed a website or a social media page you would have already been introduced to content writing. Content writing is a style of writing used on websites and pages specifically to promote a brand.

That brand represents something could be a product or a service or for conscientious businesses to highlight community service activities. It is even useful for individuals wanting to promote their skills or talent.

Basically, it is a type of marketing tool used to draw eyes to whatever it is the brand is wanting to put out there.

How Does It Work?

A huge part of content writing is SEO which is short for Search Engine Optimization. This allows persons to be able to find you when they enter some specific criteria in Google.

For instance, say you are a plumber in Kingston if someone should just Google plumbers chances are they won’t find … But if they should alter their search to Plumbers in Kingston you want to make sure your site is one of those to pop up on the first page of the search results.

Research says getting on that first page increases your visibility ten folds and if you are in the top three chances are you’re getting that business, those precious likes, and shares matters. Of course, you could do this by paying a ridiculous amount of money to Google for ads. But for one those ads are annoying and for two I prefer FREE and EFFECTIVE.

Getting there is possible with SEO and making use of Google crawlers (the bots that troll the internet collecting data). Using keywords that would link your site to whatever is being searched for is essential. This is where the right words (and a lot of them) becomes very important in getting your site on top of that list and inevitably noticed.

Why Content Writers Though?

This is almost always the follow-up question… It really is asking why do I need you? I mean you could just write a description of the thing yourself right? Well, not if you want to maximize the visibility of the thing you are promoting. See, just slapping on some generic description of the thing isn’t enough to draw people to your site or to help those bots find you.

According to, a content writer turns a clients ‘brief’ or his/her specifications “into a finished product which becomes part of the target webpage.” Content writing is not to be confused with the traditional styles or forms of writing as it is specific to websites and social media.

Content writing is like product placement for the web and uses a different language altogether. It is methodical and time-consuming and takes a minute (2-3 months) before you start seeing any real results. It is not guaranteed either as information and interests aren’t static which is why it takes constant updating and writing to get there and which is why … 🎵youuuuu neeeeeeddddddd mmmmmeeeee🎵(Rihanna’s voice).