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Some tasks or projects require extra hands or better yet an expert hand that may not be readily identifiable in your current employee pool. Hiring more employees even temps comes at an extra cost that your business may not be able to carry. This is especially true if yours is a start-up, sole proprietorship or falls in the small/medium category as naturally you as yet don’t have a big expense account. The budget is just not yet there to hire full-time staff nor do you want to make the kind of legal commitments necessary to do so at this time. But the work has to be done and you need someone to help you do it…SOOOO what do you do?

Well, why not hire a freelancer? Confused? let me explain. A freelancer is a like a contractor but for businesses. They are self-employed persons offering just about all the support a business needs and often to multiple clients at a time. These services run the gamut and include (but is not limited to) content creation such as posts for social media platforms, copywriting, proofing or writing, such as articles and blog posts or technical support, such as virtual assistance. Some freelancers offer after hours’ services too such as online customer service whether it is order processing, packaging, and shipping or by phone or email.

There is no rule that says an employee has to be static or even in-house certainly not today with the rapid advancements in technology and the endless resources available on the internet. According to hiring a freelancer is a quick way to outsource isolated projects; with the added ‘no strings attached’ advantage. What’s more, you maintain full control over the what, when, how much and for how long.

The business owner decides the specific tasks to be done and how it is to be done, the strict or flexible deadline as to when it is to be done, how much is to be paid for each task done or over the entirety of the project and how long and how often you’ll need the service for.

Sounds good, right? Here are five more pretty convincing benefits of making a freelancer apart of your business model.


Freelancers typically come with their own tools to complete the job, those tools could be specialty software, for instance, any worthy freelance graphic designer will more than likely have Adobe Premiere Pro or Photoshop. A freelancer will also have their own specialty equipment such as high-end laptop or desktops or internet servers with enough stamina to manage the task. They are also resourced rich in that they possess special skill sets such as the ability to communicate effectively, research, marketing and most importantly time and time management. Sure, you will have to pay for their services but there will be no lingering costs such as a light bill.


Nobody has to know you are hiring a freelancer, not your boss not your board, not your clients not nobody. It just may be that you need one off help with getting some of your tasks done or to free up some of your time. You may need someone who is available off-site, or mobile or flexible that can be available after hours to pick up where your day ends. A freelancer can be the silent partner that helps you get your business to the next level or to help you get that promotion.


If you are thinking about moving some aspects of your business online or want to provide your clients/customers with online services available even after your regular business hours a freelancer can be that bridge. Online customer service has many benefits in and of itself the two biggest being improved customer retention and customer lifetime value (repeat sales). This could mean an increased profit margin and expansion, but what if you just don’t have may the resources or the in-house staff readily available to be able to offer this valuable service? This is where a freelancer with their own equipment and software comes in pretty handy, eliminating the additional overhead costs thus reducing the time it takes to get up and running.


It would take another full article to adequately explain the enormity of social media and how it could increase your business’s visibility reach. Think about this the three biggest platforms average over 2 billion active monthly users. Facebook alone surpasses 1.50 billion monthly active users, 945 million mobile users, and 757 million daily users, Instagram a mobile-driven app has over 600 million active users per month and the Donald Trump loving Twitter has over 320 million. Needless to say, that is A LOT of eyes and a ‘YUGE’ market that you could be tapping into. Here again, a freelancer could be the answer to your profit prayers, hiring an independent person to create, manage, update and market your social media platforms means neither you nor your employees have to.


According to hiring a freelance contractor can be a motivational tool to get the most out of your existing employees. They say that an employee knowing you can call on a freelancer at any time who will provide efficiency without compromising quality will motivate staff to work at as high a level especially if it means losing their jobs. That aside and in the meantime, the freelancer ‘can fill in the gaps as the employees continue to handle their current workloads. When you hire a contractor to do a job that is not going to be an ongoing position, you do not have to worry about firing or replacing them. They understand they are on the job for one purpose and will be gone when completed.’

A freelancer could really optimize your business making it more efficient, impactful and engaging, it also means you have the pick of the litter really as there are no geographical boundaries to hiring a qualified and experienced freelancer. Besides that, readily available online assistance is the modern cost effective way of having the additional resource you need to carry out everyday tasks and special projects. There are no strings attached, no residual expense and you can avoid the unnecessary legal complications associated with employment contracts. So, if you’re a busy salon/barbershop owner, garage, car wash or you’re a small/medium manufacturer, retailer, magazine for whatever it is you do a freelancer might just be the person for you (rhyming skills on point).